Is it time to change your friends?

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Friendship is one of the phenomenon you cannot seem to explain in human relationships - from that childhood friend who shared their sweets and tumbled in the grass with you, with no care in the world to the more matured friendship of shared confidences. Friendships are highly placed.  However, many have been burned and even scarred by friends so bad that they have decided to avoid friendships. Friendship is not the problem here, it is bad friends who are the obstacles to your happiness. Instead of avoiding friendships totally, you can look out for these reasons to decide whether you need to change your friends:

Your success rate
If you have kept the same friendships for about five years and you find that you are still in the same position without any improvement, it may be time to change your friends. While you are totally responsible for your personal success, the circle of friends you keep can be affecting your success rate. If your friends are not forward thinking people, there is a high likelihood of thinking along the same downward lines with them. After all, it is said that the company you keep determines your mindset. Make friends with people who will encourage you to aim higher and go together for success.

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Strife is the order of the day
There is no reason to be holding on to a friendship that stresses you. Just because you started out as friends with someone does not mean you will remain friends forever. You may have initiated the friendship without full knowledge of their tendencies or they may change later. Whatever the case might be, do not feel guilty for having to drop some friendships that come with too much baggage. As much as friends cannot always agree on everything all the time, fighting always is a sign the friendship was never meant to be.

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Taking and never giving
No one likes to be taken advantage of. If you find that you have a friend that is always making requests for your help whether for monetary purposes or in other dimensions and they are never available to reciprocate same when needed, drop that friend ‘like they are hot’. Such a person is not actually your friend and is just using you to serve their needs. A true friend will also put your needs into consideration.
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They shut you off from the rest of the world
Your friend’s jealousy towards you having another friend may not be so healthy after all. It can start as a mild obsession and develop into controlling behaviours. You should be free to associate with anybody you choose and not feel restricted to hide your activities with others. Although you can have a personal grading for your friends in the order of who is closest to you, it should be a balanced equation. Don’t be caught in an obsession under the guise of friendship. If your friend can’t stand seeing you with another friend, let them know they don’t own you.

Real and beautiful friendships can make the world a much better place for everyone. 

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